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Some of our awesome work along with a few thoughts from the painter.
Upgrading your home every now and then is a great way to keep your home décor up-to-date and modern. You don’t necessarily have to undertake expensive home improvement projects to make your home look more presentable or attractive. You can try numerous DIY home improvement ideas or hire a general contractor to take care of things for you. Below is
It took only a few days, and presto, I had a new home. I found George, Phyllis, and their painting crew wonderful to work with. The crew was here each morning at a time given the day before. They worked diligently and cleaned their debris before they left each day. Once finished, George walked around the perimeter of the house with his chief painte
Preparing your home for interior painting is much more demanding than exterior painting as you need to cover up items and move stuff around. To avoid unnecessary hassle when getting your home ready for a paint job, make sure you follow a structured plan. Here’s how you can do that. Strip the WallsClear your walls and remove any and all paintings or
When it comes to beautifying your surfaces and adding to their protection against the elements, stain and paint are the two most popular and widely available choices. Both have their similarities in that they are both composed of pigments and as well as perform the same function. However, when assessing which of either you should apply to your surf
Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate on your walls, making their paint look dull and unwelcoming. If you have children, perhaps fingerprints or crayons might get on your walls. Here are some tips to clean your painted walls to ensure your home or office surfaces retain their pristine look. In addition, it can help reduce costs by lessening the n
According to most experts, homeowners should consider painting their houses every five to ten years. However, the number can vary, depending on the walls’ condition, locality, weather conditions, and the previous paint job. The question is, why should you consider repainting your home? Well, read this blog post to find that out. Reasons to Repaint
If you feel that your room lacks a sense of excitement, a dose of unique colors, or a tinge of drama, accent walls are the perfect way to breathe new life into your room. Accent walls are believed to be one of the easiest and most effective ways to create an absolutely standout living space. They help revamp and dress up your living space just enou
Choosing the right paint color for your walls can really help complement the overall looks of your home interior and make it look fresher. To help you decide which ones to choose for your home, here are 4 tips for selecting the right paint colors. 1. Browse the Internet for Ideas The internet is a great place to pick up inspiration when trying to s
Since your home’s exterior is exposed to the outside elements, factors such as the temperature, humidity, and wind can influence when exterior paint jobs should be carried out. This article will instruct you on when is the best time to start thinking about your exterior painting. The Season As mentioned previously, outside conditions can influence

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