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Curb Appeal - Great Plants for the Exterior of Your Home

Pink and white flowering bushes planted along the walkway and front porch of the house.Driving past neighborhoods with beautiful floral curbs and front yards is always a pleasure, especially in the summer and springtime. Having a beautiful exterior is also helpful when you’re trying to sell your home.

If the curb appeal is successful in making a good first impression, the chances are that more people will want to see what’s inside.

Plants and flowers are a given when it comes to improving your exterior’s curb appeal. Here we have listed a few flowering and non-flowering plants that will spruce up the exterior of your home.

One note before diving into the list: do check the hardiness zone of the plants for your location. Use the plants that have the best shot at thriving, so your front yard looks incredible.

Gerbera Daisies

Let’s begin with some of the most loved flowers - daisies. Gerbera daisies not only look beautiful in gardens but they also make good cutting flowers. This way, you can bring some of the bright colors from your yard inside your home.

While some varieties can be fussy, most are easy to grow in Zones 7 to 10. Also, they bloom profusely in all types of weather. So you’ll have flowers all season long.


Boxwoods refer to a genus of about 70 Buxus species of evergreens that make great foundation plants. Their bright green foliage also makes a stark background for brightly colored flowers.

They also look incredible lined along driveways and walkways. You can add them to garden beds and borders to give your yard some structure.


Commonly known as heavenly bamboo, Nandina is a beautiful flowering shrub that offers curb appeal all throughout the year. The plant is evergreen in Zones 8 to 10 and semi-evergreen in Zones 6 to 8.

While the plant’s airy green foliage looks beautiful all year long, it does bloom flowers in spring. When fall comes around, you’ll see red berries appear. Also, the foliage will develop rich and vibrant shades of orange, red, and bronze.


If you want a spectacular show of whimsical flowers, try planting hydrangeas along the borders of your garden beds. When the plant is in full bloom, it will definitely give your curb appeal a bang.

They are perfect for locations around your front yard that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. Different varieties of the plant are hardy in various zones.


Hostas are considered one of the hardiest outdoor plants as various varieties can thrive in zones 3 to 9. If you have trees around your yard, plant the hostas around them as they love shaded areas.

You have hundreds of varieties to choose from. Each of them has beautiful foliage and shaded leaves that add a lot of interest to garden beds. 


Annuals refer to seasonal flowers that die when their growing season is over. Annuals will allow you to have different colors and looks throughout the year.

Most annual species of bulbs and shrubs have beautiful and bright flowers that make excellent fillers. You can use them in garden beds, flower beds, along the borders, in window boxes, containers, and hanging baskets on your front porch.

Marigolds, petunias, and geraniums are some of the most popular flowering plants. They are easy to grow and add a splash of color to your garden.

Final Thoughts

While plants and flowers are a great way to improve your curb appeal, you can give it a boost by getting your home’s exterior repainted.

Creative Painting Systems can help you find the right match that not only gives your house a fresh look but also make an excellent background for all the plants you put in the front yard. Give them a call at 919-435-6023 to get professional advice for your home’s curb appeal.

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Maintain and Extend the Life of Your Home’s Painted Exterior

Exterior of a painted homeFirst impressions matter. This is why we choose to pay attention to our looks, wear presentable clothes, apply makeup, take care of our skin, etc. We want to make sure that when we meet new people, they think better of us.

The same goes for your home. The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they walk up to your house.

The interiors of our homes are climate controlled. This means that we have some form of temperature control such as heating, air conditioning, insulated walls, and double pane windows. These work in conjunction to keep environmental factors out.

The exterior, on the other hand, is left open to the mercy of Mother Nature. The paint job is the first surface that comes in contact with whatever the climate decides to throw at it.

Exposure to environmental elements can wreak havoc on your home’s painted exterior. It needs much more maintenance and monitoring compared to interior walls or ceilings.

We have listed a few tips to help you increase the longevity of your house’s exterior paint job.  This way, your home will look just as amazing come whatever weather or season.

Power Wash

Dust and dirt tend to stick and collect on painted walls. Over time, the wind blows sand and other debris as well. This can get worse when the hurricane or storm season arrives and brings rolling winds with it.

Your home can go from bright and inviting to dusty very quickly.

In these instances, a power wash can help. You can rent a power washer from your local hardware shop or even hire a contractor to wash away the dirt.

If your home is a single story and you have the time, a simple wash with water and mild detergent will work too. Be careful about wall cleaners as some have chemicals that can diminish the glossy finish of some paints.

Remove Mold and Mildew

If you live in a place that tends to get a lot of rain and humidity, you will be no stranger to mold and mildew. On exterior painted walls, mold and mildew attack areas that don’t get much sunlight. It gives them the perfect place to foster and grow.

If you don’t get rid of mold and mildew, it can be dangerous. Not only will it eventually cause structural damage, but it can also enter your home’s airflow and cause respiratory issues.

When the damp season arrives, give your house’s painted exterior a look. If you find even the slightest hint of mold or mildew, get rid of it.

Efflorescence Remediation

Efflorescence happens when there is natural moisture in the masonry of your home’s walls. In hot and humid weather, the moisture pushes out a salt-based powder out on the paint’s surface.

You can fix the surface by scrubbing away the powder and then priming and repainting the treated area. However, it can reappear. You need to resolve the moisture issue to make sure that the efflorescence doesn’t affect your exterior walls again.

Paint Touch Ups 

No paint job is meant to last a lifetime. There are some paint formulae that come with extended warranties and are meant to protect against environmental elements. But even they can fade.

Harsh and extreme weather can catalyze the fading process.

If you live where it gets too cold, too rainy, humid or hot, inspect the parameters of your painted exterior walls once or twice a year. Look for fading, cracks, peeling, and rust.

The presence of any of these factors calls for a paint touch-up. This will give your home a makeover and make it look brand new.

Instead of taking it as a DIY project, consult a paint professional to get the job done right. If you reside in Raleigh or Wake County, you can rely on Creative Painting Systems to help you find the best solution for your home’s painted exterior.

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Things You Should Consider While Choosing Your Exterior Paint Color

front view of new exterior paint color of houseDeciding the right color for your exterior walls can be quite a taxing task. Not only do you have to be imaginative and see which color would sit perfectly with the kind of exterior you have, but you have to take into account the environment, structure and neighborhood as well. 

Unlike interior color, which can be selected based on your own personal tastes, the exterior color needs to be a bigger investment with better thought processing involved. You need to think of the broader picture, and not just of what you personally like about the color pattern.

Knowing just how many people would be critically analyzing your color patterns on a daily basis, there is pressure on you to make sure that you go for the right color pattern. 

In a bid to assist you through this conundrum, we look at some of the things you should take into consideration while selecting the color for your exterior walls. 

Considerations that will help to make the perfect color choice for your exterior of your home: 

Existing Elements and Permanents Materials 

The first thing you need to take into consideration are the existing elements. Do you have any existing stone foundation, accents or a patio that would be too costly to replace? If so, the colors should fall in sync with them, so that there aren’t any anomalies between the color patterns and the permanent fixtures. 

Consider the Architecture 

The architecture of your home plays an important role in deciding the color that you eventually go with. If you have a Victorian bungalow, you should preferably go for a color choice that is in sync with the particular bungalow type. You can look for ideas related to specific architecture types online to decide what would be best for you.

Things You Should Consider While Choosing Your Exterior Paint ColorSee the Neighborhood 

Chances are that you already know what all the neighborhood houses are like, but give them another visit. You would want your home to fall in harmony with all of the other homes in the neighborhood, which is why you can benefit by replicating a specific color tone. Going for an outlandish color option can be a bit too overwhelming. 


The climate and the lighting in your area or region can also dictate your choice of exterior color. You would preferably want a solid color that doesn’t fall off easily, if you live in a region that is host to rainy weather all year round. The weather plays an important part in the longevity of your exterior paint, so go with options that can work for you in the longer run. 

Additionally, you can also consider factors such as the size of the home and the landscape around it, to further authenticate your decision. With the right color selection, you can be proud of your home’s exterior and get the nod of approval from every passerby. 

 View of exterior paint color from Creative Painting Systems

The right painters will understand all your requirements in detail and give you an unparalleled experience. Creative Painting Systems is one such name that offers the best services in town to all customers, regardless of their preferences. Contact them today!


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7 Things to Look for When Hiring a Painter

When planning a painting project, the first thing to do is find the right painter.  Hiring the wrong painter can cost you money, time and resources. A professional painter needs to have a certain set of skills necessary so that the work can be done properly and safely.

Here are some things to look for when hiring a painter:

 1.  Do your homework – Do a google search to find local painters.Read their reviews and check on community message boards for recommended painters. Talk to your neighbors.  NextDoor is a good app to have to get real reviews from your neighbors on their painting experiences. This is a good way to find painters that you feel are best suited to give you an estimate.

2. Get 2-3 estimates. It is always good to have more than one estimate so you can make sure that something is not being missed, and make sure they are in the right ballpark pricewise.  Also make sure that each estimate is covering the same areas, same type of preparation, number of coats of paint, product of paint being used, etc. One estimate might look cheaper than another, but research might tell you that they are using an inferior paint, or only applying one coat of paint instead of two.  Make sure everyone is giving you a price for the same amount of work.

3. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see how long they are in business and if they have any reports of bad or inadequate service.

4. Make sure they can fit in your schedule. Keep in mind that sometimes it is better to wait for a painter that you feel is your best fit, than finding the one that can do it sooner.  Also, ask how long the project will take. You want to make sure that once they start the job, they stay with you until they are done, and not back and forth with other projects.

5. Make sure your painter provides you with their insurance certificate, and letters of reference from customers.

6. Whether your project is interior or exterior painting, ask questions about what they think is best for your home regarding the type of paint to use, or what application they use.  It is good to understand the depth of their experience and knowledge, and it might determine if they are the right fit for you. In addition, ask about the painters that will be coming to your home, how long they have worked for their company, how much experience do they have.  

7. When you have made your decision on which painter to use, the next step is looking for the perfect color for your project.  Ask your painter for a color chart to look at or ask them which supplier to go to look at for color samples. Put samples up to make sure it is what you want.  Sometimes a color on a chart will look much different on your home, based on lighting and other factors.


Creative Painting System Painter on ladder insideThe right painters will understand all your requirements in detail and give you an unparalleled experience. Creative Painting Systems is one such name that offers the best services in town to all customers, regardless of their preferences. Contact them today!

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Before & After: Copen Blue

The painting of this beautiful home has just been completed and it looks great! The siding color is
Copen Blue. We love it.

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