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4 Tips for Selecting the Right Paint Colors for Your Home Interior

Selecting the Right Paint Colors for Your Home Interior - kitchen viewChoosing the right paint color for your walls can really help complement the overall looks of your home interior and make it look fresher. To help you decide which ones to choose for your home, here are 4 tips for selecting the right paint colors.

1. Browse the Internet for Ideas
The internet is a great place to pick up inspiration when trying to select the color palette for your interiors. Sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are a great place to get ideas on what colors and styles will work best for you and improve the ambiance of your rooms.

2. Stick to Neutrals
Unless you want to make your walls the main attraction of your interiors, it is better to always stick with neutral palettes. This ensures that your walls and other items in your room, such as your furniture, aren’t competing against each other in terms of attention, but rather complementing each other.
However, in some scenarios, bold colors can work terrifically well, such as in bathrooms where there are not too many items competing for attention. In such a space, the intensity of everything else besides the wall will tend to be neutral.

3. Buy and Use Testers
Testers will only cost you a few bucks but are extremely useful in helping you decide which colors will work best for your rooms. Use the testers to paint a large enough area in your room to assess how the light hits it at different times of the day and assess whether it is the right choice or not.
Using testers will save you from the costly mistake of spending a large sum on the wrong color. Additionally, the leftover can be employed to do touch-ups and other small-scale painting projects.

4. Choose the Right Sheen
Just as important as color is choosing the right finish or sheen for your paint. While there are different types of finish available, the three most common are matte, egg-shell enamel, and gloss enamel.
Matte finish has no shine to it, but is also the most difficult to clean. Use it for low traffic areas such as ceilings and adult bedrooms. Egg-shell enamel has a medium sheen to it and is relatively easy to clean. This makes it an excellent choice for interior places such as living rooms and kid’s bedrooms. Gloss enamel features an also glass-like sheen and is super easy to clean. This finish is ideal for your bathrooms, kitchen, and railings.

Understand the Color Dynamics
Different color combinations will have different effects on the ambiance of your interior. Colors close to each other, e.g. green and yellow, will allow one color to stand out more while colors opposite each other, e.g. red and blue, will nicely play off each other. Cool colors such as blue and green make the room appear larger and more spacious, while warm colors such as red and orange make it appear more vibrant.

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