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Maintain and Extend the Life of Your Home’s Painted Exterior

A bright green wall with a green window with a red frame and a small balcony with flowers.First impressions matter. This is why we choose to pay attention to our looks, wear presentable clothes, apply makeup, take care of our skin, etc. We want to make sure that when we meet new people, they think better of us.

The same goes for your home. The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they walk up to your house.

The interiors of our homes are climate controlled. This means that we have some form of temperature control such as heating, air conditioning, insulated walls, and double pane windows. These work in conjunction to keep environmental factors out.

The exterior, on the other hand, is left open to the mercy of Mother Nature. The paint job is the first surface that comes in contact with whatever the climate decides to throw at it.

Exposure to environmental elements can wreak havoc on your home’s painted exterior. It needs much more maintenance and monitoring compared to interior walls or ceilings.

We have listed a few tips to help you increase the longevity of your house’s exterior paint job.  This way, your home will look just as amazing come whatever weather or season.

Power Wash

Dust and dirt tend to stick and collect on painted walls. Over time, the wind blows sand and other debris as well. This can get worse when the hurricane or storm season arrives and brings rolling winds with it.

Your home can go from bright and inviting to dusty very quickly.

In these instances, a power wash can help. You can rent a power washer from your local hardware shop or even hire a contractor to wash away the dirt.

If your home is a single story and you have the time, a simple wash with water and mild detergent will work too. Be careful about wall cleaners as some have chemicals that can diminish the glossy finish of some paints.

Remove Mold and Mildew

If you live in a place that tends to get a lot of rain and humidity, you will be no stranger to mold and mildew. On exterior painted walls, mold and mildew attack areas that don’t get much sunlight. It gives them the perfect place to foster and grow.

If you don’t get rid of mold and mildew, it can be dangerous. Not only will it eventually cause structural damage, but it can also enter your home’s airflow and cause respiratory issues.

When the damp season arrives, give your house’s painted exterior a look. If you find even the slightest hint of mold or mildew, get rid of it.

Efflorescence Remediation

Efflorescence happens when there is natural moisture in the masonry of your home’s walls. In hot and humid weather, the moisture pushes out a salt-based powder out on the paint’s surface.

You can fix the surface by scrubbing away the powder and then priming and repainting the treated area. However, it can reappear. You need to resolve the moisture issue to make sure that the efflorescence doesn’t affect your exterior walls again.

Paint Touch Ups 

No paint job is meant to last a lifetime. There are some paint formulae that come with extended warranties and are meant to protect against environmental elements. But even they can fade.

Harsh and extreme weather can catalyze the fading process.

If you live where it gets too cold, too rainy, humid or hot, inspect the parameters of your painted exterior walls once or twice a year. Look for fading, cracks, peeling, and rust.

The presence of any of these factors calls for a paint touch-up. This will give your home a makeover and make it look brand new.

Instead of taking it as a DIY project, consult a paint professional to get the job done right. If you reside in Raleigh or Wake County, you can rely on Creative Painting Systems to help you find the best solution for your home’s painted exterior.

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